Close up of Manual Osteopath in session.

Manual Osteopathy is gentle and non-invasive treatment that is a unique holistic hands-on approach which focuses on treating the whole body. A trained Manual Osteopath provides the combined benefits of a massage therapist, chiropractor, and physiotherapist all in one. Manual Osteopath’s possess extensive anatomical knowledge and utilize it to improve a patient’s mobility, reduce their pain and stiffness, and restore balance back to their body. 


How Does Manual Ostepathy Work?

Manual Osteopathy focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disorders using adjustments and gentle movements of the joints or organs to correct imbalances. Osteopaths use their hands to identify and assess the body using osteopathic palpation, feeling the body’s rhythms and structures. The goal of the treatment is to restore proper mechanics to the body, allowing the normal flow of fluids, improving function, reduce pain and promoting the wellbeing of the body overall. 



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