Terry O. | SW Massage TherapyTerry Oleksow started his career in Massage Therapy in 1987 and worked with many athletes as they prepared for the 1988 Winter Olympics. His sports massage experience and continuous learning have helped him develop a better understanding of fascia’s role in movement and its involvement in restricted or painful movement.

Terry has developed a muscle-specific approach to deep tissue therapy, which is effective in treating muscle imbalances that often develop after injuries, overtraining or from posture and strain in workplace environments. He has also become adept at recognizing patterns that often develop in restricted or painful conditions and treating the whole area as opposed to only the area where the pain is most intense.

He integrates Myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, strain/counter strain as well as remedial sports protocols. Each treatment is specifically focused on addressing the needs of the individual. Terry is also a registered provider with Veteran Affairs Canada.

To book an appointment with Terry, call SW Massage and Wellness Centre at (403) 931-4829 or go online to request Your New Patient appointment today!

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